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Chances are you’re tired of playing the same old game of golf. If your efforts to improve have been unsuccessful and met with frustration, let us help:
At the Myrtle Beach Golf Schools we will bring about dramatic changes in the way you think, practice and play golf. Instruction communicated in a simple, understandable, and concerned manner gets results. You will acquire a foundation built on lasting fundamentals, a golf swing with just a few basic thoughts, and dramatic improvement in your game!
Myrtle Beach Golf Schools
What Makes Myrtle Beach Golf Schools the Best Golf School Choice?


  • Guaranteed “Lowest Cost” or we send you the different.
  • 30 Years of Helping People Enjoy The Game of Golf
  • Guaranteed Improvement or Your Next Schools on Us.
  • Award Winning Programs - Award Winning PGA - LPGA - PGTCA Teaching Professionals - Unlimited Golf and Cart - 
  • Official V1 Branded Academy - 3 - 6 - 12 Months of Free Video Analysis
  • You get 2 hours of on course playing lesson with your teaching professional each and every day of your school
  • Personal Golf School Concierge Service to handle all travel needs : Air - Extra Nights - Travel Maps - Site Information - 
  • Special Occasions - Customize Golf Schools 24 Hour / 7 Day Customer Service


News out of Myrtle Beach SC - Golf School Scam:

Don't Book a Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach with:

Joe Bernat Golf Schools - Ideal Golf School - National Golf Schools - Bruce Baird Golf Schools all one and the same programs in Myrtle Beach, as they continue to try to fool the public with false claims about instructional staff and programs, as all programs in Myrtle Beach are run by Joe Bernat Golf Academy, all continue to advertise TPC Myrtle Beach as there golf school location.

None of the above programs, including Joe Bernat Academy are no longer at TPC Myrtle Beach as of November 1, 2014

They will try to get you to book, bait you in with TPC and then call you later and tell you your golf school been moved, but I'm sure they will not tell you they moved to a very inferior golf course. If these programs advertise the incorrect golf facilities what else are they giving you incorrect information about.

Buyer Beware.?






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